The UK giant IKAR Holdings is poised to enter the cryptocurrency world

IKAR Crypto World IKAR Crypto World
IKAR Crypto World

IKAR Holdings, a prominent conglomerate with a diverse portfolio spanning over 14 sectors, has announced its strategic move into the cryptocurrency arena. With a strong presence in industries such as energy, aviation, construction, tourism, technology, education, sports, and healthcare, IKAR Holdings is now poised to leverage its powerhouse and resources to explore opportunities in the burgeoning world of digital currencies.

IKAR is following a multiple focused strategy in the upcoming months and years. Beside investments into promising platforms and digital currencies, and establishing respective partnerships, the group is also intending to launch its own – asset based – tokens as an additional vehicle to execute its ambitious 10 years growth plans across the entire group. This will refer in particular to the real estate, education, sports and energy sectors.

The group will also utilize its outstanding network in the GCC region, and especially in Saudi Arabia.


With a current group pipeline exceeding more than 2.5 billion euros across the IKAR sectors, the group believes that it is well positioned to execute outstanding projects and commercial benefits for its stake holders and partners. 

Sertan Ayçiçek, Group President of IKAR Holdings stated: “We believe that cryptocurrencies could reach new peaks around the winter of 2025.

As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve and gain mainstream acceptance, IKAR Holdings aims to position itself as a new leading investor in this rapidly expanding sector.”

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