Farouk Khailann Joins the Board of Mulk International’s Healthcare Division.

Farouk Khailann and the President of Mulk International, Shafi Ul Mulk, in Dubai.

Dubai, UAE – In a strategic move to strengthen its leadership team, Mulk International has announced the appointment of Farouk Khailann to the board of Mulk Med Healthcare, the healthcare division of the UAE-based conglomerate. This appointment comes at a pivotal time as Mulk International continues to expand its diverse portfolio, which spans construction, building materials, real estate, plastics, healthcare, and sports.

Farouk Khailann brings a wealth of experience in business development and strategic management to Mulk Med Healthcare. His expertise is expected to play a crucial role in advancing the division’s mission to provide innovative healthcare solutions and services across Africa and the regions it operates in.

With a core vision of delivering quality healthcare to all worldwide, Mulk Med Healthcare has developed a meticulously designed healthcare infrastructure aimed at overcoming the geographical barriers that hinder healthcare delivery. Their ongoing efforts have led to the creation of a synergistic Telehealth ecosystem, enabling multidisciplinary teams to collaborate effectively to enhance patient access, treatment, and outcomes


Shafi Ul Mulk, President of Mulk International, expressed the group’s confidence in Khailann’s capabilities and vision. “We are thrilled to welcome Farouk Khailann to the board of Mulk Med Healthcare. His extensive experience and proven track record in strategic leadership and business development make him an invaluable addition to our team. We believe that under his guidance, Mulk Med Healthcare will continue to grow and excel, reinforcing our commitment to delivering top-notch healthcare services and contributing positively to the communities we serve.”

Mulk International, founded by UAE based billionaire Shaji Ul Mulk, has made significant strides in various industries globally. Its flagship company, Alubond USA, is renowned for supplying aluminum composite panels to major projects, including the DXB airport in Dubai. The group’s latest venture, the $500 million Zim Cyber City project in Zimbabwe, further underscores its ambition and capacity for large-scale, impactful developments.

Farouk Khailann’s appointment is part of Mulk International’s broader strategy to enhance its executive team with leaders who possess a deep understanding of the markets and industries in which they operate. This strategic approach aims to ensure sustained growth and innovation across all sectors of the conglomerate’s diverse investment portfolio.

As Mulk International continues to expand its footprint globally, the addition of seasoned professionals like Farouk Khailann is expected to drive the group towards achieving its vision of becoming a global leader in each of its business areas, with Mulk Med Healthcare poised to set new benchmarks in the healthcare industry.

President of Mulk Internatioanl Shafi Ul Mulk and his brother Chairman of Mulk International cutting a sword to open one of its latest facilities in Dubai
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Laura Brooks - Reporter, Global Wealth Forum

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