Tesla make history with the new vote on Musk’s pay plan

Tesla Shareholders Reaffirm Support for Musk’s Controversial Compensation Plan

In a pivotal move, Tesla shareholders have ratified CEO Elon Musk’s substantial 2018 pay package. This decision comes five months after a Delaware judge ruled the package was improperly granted. The vote, while not overriding the court’s decision, marks a public relations victory for Musk and could influence future court deliberations regarding his performance options.

Why This Vote Matters Now

The timing of this vote is significant. Tesla’s annual meeting, held in Austin, Texas, saw a surge in Tesla’s stock prices by 2.9% following Musk’s announcement on X that the compensation plan was likely to be approved. However, Tesla’s stock remains down 27% for the year, reflecting challenges such as declining sales and increasing competition, particularly in China.

Examining the Details of Musk’s Pay Package

The 2018 compensation plan, valued at up to $56 billion in Tesla stock, faced criticism for its unprecedented scale. Judge Kathaleen McCormick of Delaware’s court deemed the pay “unfathomable,” citing issues with the board’s independence and the lack of full disclosure to shareholders. Despite these legal hurdles, the shareholder vote underscores strong investor confidence in Musk’s leadership.


Key Highlights from Tesla’s Annual Meeting

  1. Shareholder Votes: The meeting featured final votes on a dozen proxy proposals. Notably, shareholders approved Musk’s proposal to move Tesla’s incorporation from Delaware to Texas.
  2. Economic Outlook and Production Updates: Musk reiterated his optimistic economic forecast, predicting a recovery within 12 months. He confirmed the delivery of production Cybertrucks by late 2023 and announced Tesla’s foray into advertising.
  3. Cybertruck Deliveries: Tesla has ramped up Cybertruck deliveries, achieving a weekly shipment record of 1,300 units.
  4. Future Innovations: Musk promised significant advancements in vehicle autonomy, predicting that these innovations could “10x” Tesla’s value. He also outlined plans for the mass production of humanoid robots, with over 1,000 expected to work in Tesla factories by next year.

The Broader Implications of Tesla’s Strategies

Musk’s multifaceted role across various ventures, including SpaceX, Neuralink, and the newly founded xAI, highlights his extensive influence in the tech industry. His optimistic vision for Tesla’s future includes developing a ride-hailing network with self-driving Teslas, reminiscent of an Airbnb model for cars. Despite facing stiff competition from companies like, Didi, and Waymo, Musk remains confident in Tesla’s trajectory.

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