Tesla workforce cuts – is it better or worse?

Tesla’s Workforce Reduction

Tesla, under the leadership of CEO Elon Musk, has undergone significant workforce reductions since 2023. Internal records reveal that the global headcount now stands just over 121,000, including temporary workers. This represents a reduction of more than 14% of its workforce in less than a year.

Why the Downsizing Matters Now

The downsizing is particularly noteworthy amid Tesla’s evolving market strategies and the broader electric vehicle (EV) industry’s dynamics. As Tesla grapples with an aging vehicle lineup and heightened competition, particularly from China, these cuts could signify a strategic pivot or an overreach in efficiency measures.

Detailed Breakdown of the Workforce Reduction

In June, Elon Musk communicated via an email to all employees, signaling a comprehensive review to grant stock options for exceptional performance. This message followed the April announcement of a 10% workforce cut, with reports indicating Musk’s target might be as high as 20%.


In the first quarter of 2023, Musk highlighted inefficiencies within Tesla, suggesting a reorganization to prepare for the company’s next growth phase. The workforce reduction from 140,473 in December 2023 to about 121,000 by mid-2024 underscores this strategic shift.

The Impact on Tesla’s Operations

  1. Supercharging Team Disbanded: Among the cuts, Tesla dismantled its Supercharging team, including its leader Rebecca Tinucci. Some team members were rehired, indicating a potential overreach in the initial reductions.
  2. Sales and Market Performance: Tesla’s sales have been slipping, with a reported 9% drop in annual revenue for the first quarter of 2024, the largest since 2012. This downturn coincides with the workforce reductions and the increased competition from newer EV models.

Broader Industry Context and Tesla’s Strategy

The broader EV market saw a slowdown in sales growth in 2024 after two years of rapid expansion. For Tesla, the Model Y remained a top seller in 2023, but the brand’s image suffered, partly due to Musk’s controversial public statements.

Tesla’s strategy to streamline operations may be aimed at maintaining its competitive edge. Musk’s promise of a new “Master Plan” and the upcoming reveal of a “dedicated robotaxi” signal ongoing innovation despite internal restructuring.

Potential Future Moves and Market Reactions

With a second-quarter production and deliveries report expected soon, Tesla’s future workforce adjustments may depend on these results. Employees have expressed concerns about potential additional layoffs, highlighting the ongoing uncertainty within the company.

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