Rufai Kasim Appointed as Steering Committee Member of Global Wealth Forum


Dubai, UAE – Rufai Kasim, a dynamic entrepreneur and philanthropist, has been appointed as a Steering Committee Member of the prestigious Global Wealth Forum. Kasim’s journey from his roots in Accra, Ghana, to his current status as a successful businessman in the United States is a testament to his relentless drive and visionary leadership.

Kasim’s early life in Ghana, followed by a relocation to the USA where he lived with his father and two siblings, laid the foundation for his diverse career. Initially studying criminal justice in college, Kasim’s entrepreneurial spirit soon took precedence. While considering a career in the Navy, he discovered a passion for drop shipping, which eventually led to the creation of Carlovan Clothing. This luxury streetwear brand quickly gained popularity among celebrities and influential personalities. “It portrays positive vibes and connects people on the same frequency of love,” Kasim says of his brand. “My mission was to inspire, motivate, and restore hope.”

Kasim’s influence extends beyond fashion. Committed to reconnecting the African diaspora with their roots, he played a pivotal role in motivating comedian Michael Blackson to invest in Ghana. “Michael Blackson, who has now built a free school, started with me,” Kasim proudly states. “I am happy knowing I was part of this change.”


Despite facing significant personal challenges, including a near-fatal robbery in Ghana, Kasim’s resilience has only strengthened his resolve to make a positive impact. The traumatic experience of being tied up, pistol-whipped, and cut with a machete during an attempted robbery led him to establish Carlo Van Security. “I turned this traumatic experience into something positive,” he explains. “The joy I see in my customers’ faces after installing security cameras and providing security services is priceless.”

Kasim’s dedication to improving lives is further evidenced by the establishment of the Carlo Van Foundation Ltd. The foundation aims to be a beacon of light, providing solar lights to schools and communities in need. In January 2024, Kasim plans to bring Corey Jacob to Ghana to collaborate on initiatives that will create opportunities benefiting millions.

In a groundbreaking move, the Global Wealth Forum has embarked on a visionary initiative to construct the world’s largest and most comprehensive database of billionaires and millionaires. This ambitious project signifies more than just a compilation of names; it serves as a catalyst for collaboration among high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) with the shared goal of driving impactful investment projects and mentorship programs to nurture the next generation of billionaires and millionaires.

At the core of the Global Wealth Forum’s initiative is the belief that wealth, when harnessed collaboratively, has the power to bring about transformative change. The database, a testament to the forum’s commitment, currently boasts entries from 20 billionaires and 125 millionaires drawn from diverse corners of the globe.

The central mission of the Global Wealth Forum is to serve as a hub for high-net-worth individuals worldwide to collaborate. This collaborative ethos extends beyond geographic boundaries, emphasizing the importance of a collective effort to address global challenges.

Beyond personal gain, the initiative seeks to channel the combined resources and expertise of its members into investment projects that transcend individual interests. From sustainable technologies to impactful social enterprises, these projects aim to reshape industries and contribute to global progress.

Mentorship is recognized as a crucial factor in shaping the trajectory of emerging leaders. The Global Wealth Forum’s initiative includes robust mentorship programs where seasoned billionaires and millionaires can impart their experiences, insights, and lessons learned to the aspiring next generation.

The collaborative efforts of high-net-worth individuals, as facilitated by the Global Wealth Forum, are poised to address pressing global challenges. From climate change initiatives to advancements in healthcare and education, the combined influence and resources of the consortium can effect meaningful change.

The initiative recognizes that innovation thrives in an environment where diverse perspectives converge. By bringing together billionaires and millionaires from various industries and regions, the Global Wealth Forum aims to foster an innovative spirit that can lead to groundbreaking solutions.

The impact of the initiative extends beyond immediate projects. It’s about building a legacy that transcends individual success—leaving a positive mark on the world. The focus is on imparting knowledge, creating opportunities, and inspiring a culture of responsibility and philanthropy.

As a newly appointed Steering Committee Member of the Global Wealth Forum, Kasim is poised to bring his wealth of experience and unyielding passion for social impact to a global platform. His appointment is not just a personal accolade but a recognition of his commitment to fostering economic growth and sustainable development.

“God is using me to connect the bridges, and there is more coming,” Kasim affirms. His journey from Accra to the global stage exemplifies the transformative power of resilience, innovation, and a deep-seated commitment to uplifting others.

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Laura Brooks - Reporter, Global Wealth Forum

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