Market Warning: Be Wary of These 3 EV Charging Stocks During a Potential Crash

The electric vehicle (EV) market is grappling with significant demand uncertainties amidst prevailing economic conditions. Elevated interest rates in the United States and abroad, coupled with persistent inflation, are prompting caution among investors. As the U.S. Federal Reserve adopts a cautious stance on potential interest rate adjustments, sectors reliant on consumer spending, such as automotive, are already experiencing notable slowdowns.

Within the broader electric vehicle industry, EV charging companies are also vulnerable to market headwinds. As EV stocks face downward pressure, so too will their EV charging counterparts. Here are three stocks to steer clear of amid looming market volatility.

Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA), a pioneer in electric vehicle charging infrastructure, boasts a formidable presence in the EV charging sector. However, despite its advancements, Tesla has not been immune to the current downturn in EV demand. Recent delivery figures fell short of expectations, signaling challenges in meeting demand. While regulatory approvals for autonomous driving in China may offer some relief, sales remain a concern for Tesla.


ChargePoint (NYSE:CHPT) has emerged as a prominent competitor in the EV charging network space. Despite expanding its charging network across the United States and Europe, ChargePoint faces significant financial hurdles. Sluggish revenue growth and substantial losses raise concerns about the company’s long-term viability. Share prices have plummeted in response to these challenges, reflecting investor apprehension.

EVgo (NASDAQ:EVGO), touted as the largest public charging network in the U.S., faces both competitive pressures and financial constraints. Despite its expansive presence, EVgo struggles with profitability, relying heavily on gross profit metrics. With mounting challenges in the EV charging industry, EVgo’s stock price has experienced significant declines, making it susceptible to further market volatility.

In the face of potential market turbulence, investors are advised to exercise caution when considering EV charging stocks. With uncertainties looming, avoiding high-risk investments like EV charging companies may be prudent.

Tyrik Torres, a seasoned financial market analyst, emphasizes the importance of understanding complex market dynamics. With expertise in semiconductor and enterprise software equities, Torres is dedicated to helping investors navigate volatile market conditions. With a background in both investing and investment banking, Torres brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, assisting investors in making informed decisions.

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