Exclusive Anna Stukkert interview with Ambassador of Indonesia Mr. Swajaya

Anna Stukkert is the President of the International Investment Congress, investor and CEO of Stukkert&Co. Anna Stukkert interviews prestige figures in global business and politics. This time Anna Stukkert interviewed Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of The Republic of Indonesia To The Swiss Confederation and The Principality of Liechtenstein, Mr. Swajaya.

Аnna Stukkert: Mr. Swajaya, thank you very much for taking the time to meet with us. This is very important for us, for our magazine, and for the International Investment Congress Awards.

Аnna Stukkert: What are your recommendations in the world of investments in Indonesia? Which topics? Or which industry, which sector brings more profit? Your recommendations.


Mr. Swajaya: Thank you very much for inviting. Property in the tourism support sector has great potential

Аnna Stukkert: Are you referring to hotels?

Mr. Swajaya: Hotels and all related sectors such as restaurants, you know, if you are in Bali, you can see many international representatives and investors there. You can name any top international brand, and you’ll find it in Bali. In addition to this, of course, we are very actively attracting digital technologies in the technological sector. For example, this is also one of the priority sectors. As you know, in Indonesia, we constantly strive to improve the favorable environment for investment in digital technologies. So, there is a lot of potential in this area available in Indonesia. But undoubtedly, if you talk about property in places like Jakarta—the capital, or Bali—it’s one of the sectors that can attract a lot of investors. So, for us, foreign direct investment is one of the priorities that we are trying to develop in Indonesia. And of course, if you talk about Indonesia, you are talking about a country with a population of over 270 million people. If you look at the market size, it is undoubtedly very large in terms of political stability and security. I think it’s one of the safest places. In Indonesia, you can see a market that is still growing. Of course, high quality, good price, and long-term perspective, which is very good.


Аnna Stukkert: Yes, it’s high quality for a good price.

Mr. Swajaya: And of course, we are trying to attract not only large investors but also small and medium investors.

Аnna Stukkert: small investors, from what amount? One million, half a million?

Mr. Swajaya: in this case, it’s not so important depending on the size of the added value they bring. The size of the investment is not a problem for them if they see that the market has potential. The market in terms of its size has potential for them. For example, digital technologies for problem-solving—this is definitely a huge market. For example, I had a meeting with a large pharmaceutical company from Switzerland, one of the largest in the market, and they are also very interested because in the medical sector in Indonesia, we have universal health insurance, meaning every resident is insured, of course, with a small government contribution, so this is also a sector with potential to enter the Indonesian market. Furthermore, if we talk about Bali, construction is currently finishing on the largest international hospital on Bali, in the Sanur area, which has already been designated as a special economic zone.

Аnna Stukkert: I know that the model in the property sector in Indonesia is slightly different. The majority of venture capital in Indonesia is in leasing, and my question is about leasing. For example, for property leasing investments, are there long-term state guarantees? That’s the first question, and the second is what opportunities exist for property in Indonesia.

Mr. Swajaya: Which location are you referring to? We already have new legislation regarding second homes, and this will provide the opportunity to purchase propety, but of course, not land properties, rather apartments on specific floors. So, you don’t own the land, but you can still use it as collateral if you approach a bank. Do you understand what I mean? But if you want to use land, typically, how it works is you have to collaborate with a local company, and in this case, you will be given the right to use the land for 40 years, and this right can be extended for another 30 years, totaling 70 years.

Аnna Stukkert: That’s the average lifespan.

Mr. Swajaya: so, it’s possible, but also in the capital, the government is trying to attract investors for the construction of new property, and therefore, they grant investors special status that allows the use of land for over 100 years. For your next visit, I would advise you to visit Batam or Bintan, the properties I mentioned earlier that previously belonged to a Russian woman. If you are traveling by ferry from Singapore, it will take about 1 hour.

Аnna Stukkert: Yes, thank you, that’s my next step

Mr. Swajaya: Let me know in advance about your next visit, and of course, we will arrange contacts for you. Thank you very much!

Аnna Stukkert: Thank you, I’ll need them!
Thank you very much, Mr. Swajaya Interview This is info- you can do rewrite – foto I send now- this is ambassador important man

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