Ocean Power Technologies Inc has disclosed that its Chief Commercial Officer

Ocean Power Technologies Inc (NYSE-A:OPTT) has disclosed that its Chief Commercial Officer, Matt Burdyny, is slated to deliver a presentation at the Digital Ocean Industry Symposium on April 17, to be held at the NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

Renowned for its pioneering marine power, data, and service offerings, the company underscored the significance of the NATO Digital Ocean Industry Symposium as a forum where key NATO stakeholders and industry frontrunners convene to explore emerging technologies with the potential to bolster Maritime Situational Awareness.

Burdyny’s presentation, titled “Leveraging Unmanned Technology and the Value of Persistent Remote Surveillance in the Maritime Fight,” will elucidate how OPT’s solutions align with the symposium’s objectives. Specifically, it will spotlight OPT’s unmanned technologies and remote surveillance systems, underpinned by its comprehensive Merrows suite, and illustrate their role in facilitating “persistent, agile, and adaptive” maritime operations.


Expressing enthusiasm about the company’s participation in this esteemed event, Burdyny remarked, “OPT is excited to participate in such a prestigious event and to present our buoy, vehicle, and monitoring technologies that align with NATO’s vision of enhancing Maritime Domain Awareness through advanced, integrated systems from Seabed to Space.”

He further emphasized OPT’s unwavering commitment to developing efficient, persistent, and effective solutions to support the critical missions of global maritime security.

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