Hydrogen Utopia CEO Aleksandra Binkowska shared updates on the company’s cannabis venture

Hydrogen Utopia International PLC (LSE:HUI, OTCQB:HUIPF) CEO Aleksandra Binkowska recently shared updates on the company’s cannabis venture in Macedonia and shed light on forthcoming hydrogen projects during a conversation with Proactive’s Stephen Gunnion.

Binkowska highlighted Hydrogen Utopia’s significant strides at Ohrid Organics, where the company holds a 49% stake. She emphasized the facility’s state-of-the-art features and technological advancements, such as an advanced drying system that elevates product quality. Binkowska underscored the pivotal role of the location’s natural advantages and technological innovations in ensuring top-tier outputs.

Currently, Hydrogen Utopia awaits laboratory analysis to formally validate product quality, a prerequisite for securing the necessary governmental approvals for product distribution. Additionally, preparations are underway for EU GMP certification audits, paving the way for entry into the European market at superior certification tiers, potentially enabling premium pricing strategies.


Binkowska also discussed the financial success of Ohrid Organics, projecting earnings that could fuel the establishment of Hydrogen Utopia’s inaugural waste plastics hydrogen facility. The robust profits generated by Ohrid Organics may enable this venture without the need for additional capital injections, highlighting the strategic foresight behind the investment.

Moreover, Binkowska emphasized the supportive stance of the Macedonian government, which plays a pivotal role in facilitating Hydrogen Utopia’s endeavors in both the cannabis and hydrogen sectors.

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