Nike shares plummet by a shocking 20% – What happened?

Nike Shares Plunge Amidst Revised Guidance and Market Uncertainty

Shares of Nike plummeted by nearly 20% on Friday after the company issued a stark revision to its full-year guidance. The retail giant now anticipates a 10% drop in sales for the current quarter, far below the 3.2% decline expected by analysts, due to sluggish sales in China and fluctuating consumer trends worldwide.

Current Relevance: A Struggling Market Landscape

Nike’s downward revision underscores the broader challenges facing the retail sector, particularly within the athletic apparel and footwear market. The company’s CEO, John Donahoe, emphasized that the next few quarters would be particularly tough as Nike navigates through these turbulent times.

“Our goal is to reposition Nike to be more competitive and achieve sustainable, long-term growth,” Donahoe stated during a recent call with analysts. Despite this, the company’s lowered forecast signals a rocky road ahead.


Critical Information: Financial Performance and Market Dynamics

For the fiscal fourth quarter, Nike surpassed earnings expectations but fell short on revenue. The company’s reported net income for the three-month period ending May 31 was $1.5 billion, or 99 cents per share, compared with $1.03 billion, or 66 cents per share, a year earlier. However, sales dipped to $12.61 billion, down approximately 2% from $12.83 billion a year prior.

Nike now expects fiscal 2025 sales to decline in the mid-single digits, contrasting sharply with earlier projections of growth. The company also revised its expectations for the first half of the fiscal year, predicting high single-digit declines instead of the previously forecasted low single-digit drops.

Detailed Insights: Factors Behind the Decline

Several factors contributed to Nike’s revised guidance:

  1. Online Sales Slowdown: Nike experienced a slowdown in online sales due to higher shares of lifestyle products, increased promotions, and fewer sales of classic franchises like the Air Force 1.
  2. Geopolitical and Economic Uncertainty: Increased macro uncertainty in Greater China and uneven consumer trends across Nike’s global markets have also impacted the company’s performance.
  3. Wholesale Challenges: Sales to wholesalers are expected to slow as Nike scales new innovations and reduces reliance on classic franchises.
  4. China Market Dynamics: Despite an overall decline in consumer traffic, sales in China exceeded Wall Street expectations, reaching $1.86 billion. However, the outlook remains cautious due to a promotional marketplace and inventory management challenges.

In-depth Analysis: Strategic Adjustments and Future Prospects

Nike’s challenges extend beyond immediate financial metrics. The company has faced criticism for falling behind on innovation while focusing heavily on a direct-sales strategy. This strategy aimed to boost profitability by selling directly through its website and stores, but it has encountered logistical issues and unanticipated costs.

In response, Nike is adjusting its approach, reducing the supply of underperforming classic franchises and betting on new product innovations and major events like the 2024 Paris Olympics to regain its competitive edge.

“We are taking our near-term challenges head-on while continuing to make progress in critical areas for Nike’s future,” Donahoe said. The company has also implemented a broad restructuring plan to cut costs by $2 billion over the next three years, including a 2% workforce reduction.

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