SoftBank hits a New Record High – AI and Strategic Investments

SoftBank Group’s shares soared to a record high on Thursday, marking a significant milestone as the company’s tech investment arm shows promising signs of recovery. With its outspoken founder Masayoshi Son re-emerging into the public spotlight, the Japanese giant is aligning itself with a future dominated by artificial intelligence (AI).

Achieving New Heights

SoftBank’s shares closed at an all-time high of 11,190.00 Japanese yen, a notable recovery from past downturns during the dotcom crash and more recent tech market troubles in 2021 and 2022. This surge in stock price highlights the company’s resilience and strategic positioning in the evolving tech landscape.

Historical Context and Growth

Founded by Masayoshi Son in 1981, SoftBank initially focused on software distribution. It went public in Japan in 1994 and made a landmark $2 million investment in Yahoo during the internet boom, which significantly boosted its stock. Despite a dramatic decline during the dotcom crash, SoftBank’s stock began to recover, surpassing its previous highs in 2021.


Vision Fund and Strategic Investments

The launch of the Vision Fund in 2017 marked a pivotal moment for SoftBank, positioning it as a leading tech investor globally. Despite some setbacks, including high-profile losses with WeWork and Chinese firms during Beijing’s tech crackdown, SoftBank’s Vision Fund has shown resilience. Recent improvements in financial performance have contributed to the stock’s recovery.

Arm’s Market Success

A significant factor in SoftBank’s recent stock surge is the successful IPO of Arm, a British chip designer in which SoftBank holds a majority stake. Arm’s stock has nearly doubled this year, reflecting the growing importance of AI and semiconductor technology in various industries. Analysts credit Arm’s performance as a primary driver behind SoftBank’s 78% share price increase year-to-date.

AI as the Future

Masayoshi Son’s vision for AI extends beyond current applications, aiming for a future dominated by what he calls artificial super intelligence (ASI). This focus aligns with the broader market excitement around AI technologies, exemplified by the meteoric rise of Nvidia’s stock. SoftBank’s early investments in AI-related companies position it well to capitalize on this trend.

Valuation and Market Perception

Despite the impressive stock performance, some analysts believe SoftBank’s shares still do not fully reflect the value of its holdings. For instance, SoftBank’s valuation stands at around $101.5 billion, while its 90% stake in Arm alone is valued at approximately $158 billion. This discrepancy suggests that the market may still be underestimating SoftBank’s overall asset value.

Strategic Divestments

Investors have also reacted positively to SoftBank’s strategic divestments, such as selling its shares in Alibaba, which provided significant liquidity and reduced exposure to regulatory risks in China. Additionally, the broader rise in Japanese stocks, with the Nikkei 225 Index up 22% this year, has contributed to SoftBank’s favorable market conditions.

Future Outlook

With its focus on AI and strategic investments, SoftBank is poised for continued growth. The company’s consistent investment direction, particularly its early and substantial bets on AI, positions it well for future success. This forward-looking strategy is expected to reduce the valuation discount and enhance investor confidence.

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