Exclusive: Airbus Massive A350 Increase responding to world Market Surge

Airbus Ramps Up Amidst High Demand, Not Boeing’s Downturn

Airbus has announced an ambitious increase in the production of its A350 aircraft, aiming to reach a rate of 12 units per month by 2028. This move is driven by strong market demand rather than the challenges faced by its competitor, Boeing. Airbus CFO Thomas Toepfer emphasized the decision reflects the company’s solid commercial traction, especially for the A350, and is independent of Boeing’s current instability.

Market Dynamics Propel Airbus Forward

The increase in Airbus’ production capabilities comes at a time when Boeing is reducing its output of the 737 Max due to safety concerns. This contrast highlights Airbus’ strategic positioning and ability to capitalize on market opportunities. In the latest quarter, Airbus secured 170 gross commercial aircraft orders, showcasing a robust demand for the A350 model.

Strengthening Production Despite Supply Chain Strains

Amid global supply chain and production challenges, Airbus is proactively securing its production line. Discussions with key supplier Spirit about potentially taking over some work packages indicate Airbus’ commitment to maintaining steady production rates. This strategic move aims to mitigate any risks associated with supply chain disruptions.


Resilient Strategy Amid Industry Headwinds

Despite a challenging quarter that saw a 25% decline in operating profit, Airbus is not deterred. The company’s focus remains on adapting to industry challenges and ensuring its production ramp-up plans are unaffected. This resilience underpins Airbus’ strategic decisions and its competitive edge in the aviation industry.

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