New: Billionaire Bill Ackman makes fearless decision to sell his 10% stake in Pershing Square

Billionaire investor Bill Ackman is making headlines with his decision to sell a 10% stake in Pershing Square, aiming to eventually take his investment firm public. This move involves raising $1.05 billion, valuing the management company at $10.5 billion. Institutional and family office investors are backing the deal, although they remain anonymous.

Significance of the Move

Ackman’s ambition for an initial public offering (IPO) underscores his strategic vision. Although he hasn’t started the formal IPO process, this funding round sets the stage for future developments.

Pershing Square’s Current Landscape

  • Leadership Transition: Two years ago, Ackman named Ryan Israel as Chief Investment Officer, marking a significant shift in the firm’s leadership structure. Ackman retains ultimate control but has designated Israel as his successor.
  • Assets Under Management: As of April, Pershing Square managed $18.6 billion, primarily through Pershing Square Holdings, a closed-end fund traded on European exchanges.

Ackman’s Market Influence

Ackman’s influence extends beyond his firm. With 1.2 million followers on social media platform X, he comments on a wide range of issues, from antisemitism to politics. His prominence in hedge-fund investing is reinforced by years of market-topping returns and vocal activist campaigns.


Future Plans

  • New Investment Vehicle: Ackman plans to launch a publicly traded closed-end fund on the New York Stock Exchange, targeting 12 to 24 large-cap, investment-grade companies in North America. This move aims to attract Main Street investors.
  • Current Portfolio: Pershing Square’s portfolio includes stakes in major companies like Alphabet, Chipotle Mexican Grill, and Hilton Hotels, with a remarkable 26.7% gain last year.

Historical Context

In 2022, Ackman stepped away from activist short selling, a strategy that led to a notable battle against Herbalife, highlighting his ability to drive significant market movements.

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