May 2024: Starlink is now Live in Indonesia

Elon Musk and Indonesian Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin have launched SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet service to enhance healthcare in remote areas of Indonesia. The launch, held in Bali, aims to improve internet connectivity in a nation with over 270 million people and three time zones.

Enhancing Remote Healthcare

Starlink’s high-speed internet will initially connect three health centers, facilitating real-time data input to address health issues like malnutrition. Musk emphasized the transformative potential of internet access in remote regions, stating, “If you have access to the internet you can learn anything.”

Strategic Importance

Indonesia’s government has long sought to attract Tesla’s investment in the electric vehicle sector, leveraging the country’s rich nickel resources. While Musk is currently focusing on Starlink, discussions about potential EV investments may follow.


Regional Expansion and Impact

Starlink, which controls about 60% of the satellites orbiting Earth, is expanding its footprint in Southeast Asia. Besides Indonesia, Starlink operates in Malaysia and the Philippines, providing critical connectivity in underserved areas. The service is also extensively used in Ukraine, supporting various sectors including the military and healthcare.

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