Advertisement CEO Evan Gappelberg revealed an exciting collaboration CEO Evan Gappelberg revealed an exciting collaboration: George Mason University (GMU) has partnered with to integrate the ARway platform into its campus infrastructure. As part of an innovative project scheduled for 2024, GMU will deploy ten spatial maps across its extensive campus, revolutionizing campus navigation and enhancing the overall student experience.

Gappelberg emphasized the significance of this partnership, highlighting GMU’s sizable undergraduate enrollment of approximately 27,014 students and its sprawling 817-acre campus. The planned deployment of ARway is set to begin in early summer, allowing the university ample time to thoroughly test the platform’s capabilities before potentially implementing a full campus rollout in 2025. The ambitious plans for 2024 include expanding the augmented reality tour, enabling students to easily locate and navigate to various campus offices and buildings. By leveraging ARway’s innovative technology, GMU aims to improve the accessibility of campus resources and elevate the overall student experience.

GMU has proactively shared its pioneering experiences with ARway, submitting conference proposals to disseminate findings on this groundbreaking technology. Additionally, dedicated time has been allocated for further research and development efforts over the summer, underscoring GMU’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge tools to enhance student learning.


The enthusiasm at GMU for exploring the interactive capabilities of ARway is evident. Initial beta testing has demonstrated the platform’s potential to increase engagement and promote self-efficacy, key factors for the long-term success of the college experience. As GMU embarks on this transformative journey with, the possibilities for innovation and advancement in campus navigation and student engagement are limitless. Stay tuned for more updates as GMU leads the integration of augmented reality into its campus ecosystem, setting new standards for educational technology and student empowerment.

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